Social Media Marketing for NFTs

Let’s dive into the marketing of non-fungible tokens (NFTs): a new form of cryptocurrency backed by Web 3 and blockchain technology that empowers entrepreneurs and creators with the ability to monetize their creative content in a whole new way.

The hype behind NFTs has been growing steadily over the last few years as new platforms have surfaced alongside advancements in technology and design, making them more accessible for artists and creators to use. The most popular NFT marketplaces are Ethereum-based like OpenSeaRarible, and Super Rare, which promotes digital collectibles.

Today, NFTs can be anything from digital art to a gif image — or even a short video clip that someone created or bought from an artist or the NBA Top Shot. Each NFT is unique, meaning one NFT isn’t exchangeable for another. And these NFTs are viewed as collectibles that people can buy and resell just like tangible art.

The NFT Marketing Foundation

One of the most important pieces in ensuring a successful NFT project is your website. Sure, you may have an amazing community, but if your passionate followers head to your website during your drop and they have a terrible experience…they aren’t going to buy.

Your website should have all of the important information about your NFT project, such as:

  • What is your NFT? Tell people why you are in business. Many NFT projects miss the mark on explaining their NFT and why someone would want it.
  • How can people acquire your NFT? Let buyers know if they can mint it on your website or find it at a specific marketplace.
  • When will your NFT be available? If you don’t have a specific date, include a signup form that feeds into your email marketing program so you can send out drop date information later on.
  • What’s next? NFT investors want to know what you’re doing with the proceeds from the sales. The better you explain your goals and upcoming projects, the more likely they might buy into your future.

Because NFTs are so creative, making your website visually attractive and a complement to your actual project is a must. Also, people love a good story and NFT investors are no exception, so make them feel like they’re part of the project.

Building an NFT community via a Discord server (or Telegram) is a great idea as well since there is a growing community of NFT enthusiasts that want to learn more about this space and get notifications whenever there’s an upcoming drop. Also, many websites prohibit advertising around cryptocurrency and NFTs. This makes having a passionate fanbase of prospective customers critical for promoting both your initial drop and subsequent drops.

Building Awareness via Social Media

Creating awareness in the existing crypto community is the first step in marketing your NFT collection. You may already have some followers on Twitter or Reddit, but you need to start talking about your NFT collection in places where your potential buyers are hanging out online. This includes social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The advantage of using social media is that you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience, including people who might not have bought an NFT before.


When you have an NFT project, the goal is to get as many people as possible to know about it. You also want to be seen as an authority or leader in this space. Twitter is a great place for those interested in NFTs to find new projects. To get the most out of Twitter, you need to engage with your audience by asking them questions and interacting with them. This’ll help increase the visibility of your project.

Twitter Spaces can also help you create and participate in conversations about NFTs, bringing attention and credibility to your project. And Twitter threads, a series of tweets that are linked together, are perfect for breaking down a big idea into smaller pieces of information.

NFT creators can use Twitter to build engagement, interaction, thought leadership, and authority.


Reddit is a great place to introduce your NFTs to a very engaged audience. You can create a post in the relevant subreddit, or comment on other people’s posts. Be sure to include a link to your website, other social media platforms, or your NFT sale page. You can also use the upvote and downvote buttons to get more eyes on your post.

Stay active on Reddit and answer any questions that people may have about your NFTs. Consider creating a FAQ page on your website that answers common questions that pop up during these interactions.

Be careful not to just promote your own  NFT project: Participate in subreddits and contribute to the community in a natural, authentic way. These meaningful interactions will help you build trust with potential buyers and investors, as well as the overall Reddit community.


With its visual nature, usability, and popularity among collectors, Instagram is one of the best social networks for sharing and promoting your new NFT collection — particularly if they’re creative digital assets like artwork. Every content creator should have an Instagram profile and use it as an important part of their overall content marketing strategy for their NFT collection.

As an artist or creator, Instagram allows you to showcase your work in its purest form. You don’t even have to use words, though we do recommend short copy posts and #hashtags to help tell your story. Instagram lets you build an engaging gallery of your work that you can quickly share so people can follow along with your creative process as you release your collections.

It may also be easier for potential buyers and investors to use Instagram’s familiar platform versus having to try to navigate a new marketplace with other potentially distracting NFT collections.

Facebook (now Meta)

Facebook, which recently renamed itself, Meta, to highlight its metaverse ambitions, is a good platform for creating an NFT follower base. You may be interacting with a less educated audience in terms of NFTs, but there are Facebook groups like NFT Market with tens of thousands of users.

To get started on Facebook, create a business page, begin producing quality content, and promote these posts on the platform. Meta recently reversed its crypto advertising ban, opening up more opportunities to reach your target audience in your digital marketing strategy.

When building out your social calendar for Meta, be sure to keep things interesting and offer true value to the community. Design your own creative images and videos while keeping each post short and sweet. Throw in #hashtags, post regularly, and watch your Facebook follower count grow.

NFT Promotion via Influencer Marketing 

If you’re promoting a digital collectible, metaverse avatars, or an exclusive membership, one of the best ways to market it is through social media influencers. People who already have lots of followers and can get your product in front of as many pairs of eyes as possible are the best way to market your NFT collection.

Influencer marketing is one of the key NFT marketing strategies in promoting your NFT drop. By creating content around your NFT drop and having influencers with a following that are interested in the space share it, you can build hype and create buzz around your upcoming drop. These influencers can also bring attention to your NFT collection on other social media platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube, and Twitch.

Relationship Between NFTs and Social Media

NFTs and social media have a good relationship and are a powerful combination. Social media platforms help NFTs reach more people — and NFTs help social media by keeping people’s attention on the site longer.

Both are key players in the digital marketplace, and together they can revolutionize the way we buy, sell, and enjoy art. As more and more artists gain recognition through social media platforms, it’ll become increasingly difficult for them to get paid fairly for their work unless there’s a way to protect it from being used without their knowledge or consent. NFTs and the blockchain could be the answer.

Reach out if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you navigate this interconnected, symbiotic world of social media and NFTs.

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