CIA Speaking Events

In this insightful episode of The Food Business Success Podcast, host Sari Kimbell sits down with Chuck Aikens, founder of Tymoo, to discuss the often misunderstood world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small food brands. With over two decades

Forum For Naturals

May 14, 2024

Using Generative AI for Content Marketing starts with developing the foundational documents for content marketing. From there, we will walk through the various steps to produce quality branded content to attract and engage your audience. Participants created three documents in

The Uncomfortable Podcast

April 15, 2024

Chuck Isaac Aikens, the innovative founder of Tymoo and the former visionary at the helm of Volume 9, will take us through his compelling journey starting with how he harnessed an obscure SEO tactic to skyrocket his career at a

El Pitch Festival

March 3, 2024

El Pitch Festival 2024, hosted by La PenĂșltima Casa and its business podcast El Pitch, is an annual free event that brings together marketing, digital communication, and entrepreneurship in one dynamic platform. Held on March 2-3, 2024, this second edition